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Certification & Training Programs

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The AMI Team provides administrative support for accredited apprenticeship and professional certification programs. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to quickly pivot from fully in-person learning to hybrid learning environment, putting in place the required technology for over 160 apprentices.

  • Database Management

  • Registration

  • Order & Distribute Textbooks and Materials

  • Promote Program at Career and Trade Shows

  • Website Development

  • Provide on-site and Technical Support

  • Oversee & Manage On-The-Job Training [OJTs]

  • Budget Preparation

  • Prepare Learning Management System

  • Conduct Instructor Orientation

  • Confirm Graduates Requirements


Client Testimonial

"Having a technician who understands why they're turning the wrench is, over time, much more profitable than one who can just turn the wrench. AACP's apprenticeship program enables students to learn the why, which enables them to succeed in this industry.


AACP's program is designed for the technician. Not only does it provide excellent training by instructors who have had their boots on the ground, but the program is also respectful of the day job of the technician. Students don't have to spend their day wondering if they'll have a job finished in time to drive to the classroom. Virtual learning enables students to attend their classes without a commuting headache.


The apprenticeship program allows the student to not only get their instruction in comfortable surroundings, but also provides the student with digital resources that are at their fingertips for their entire career. Digital textbooks with lifetime subscriptions allow any technician to reference what they've learned from their device while on the job, letting the student apply their learning directly to their day-to-day work.“


-Corey Rodgerson

AACP Board Member

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