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Board & Committee Management

The AMI Team supports volunteer board and committee work. From developing agendas and providing minutes, to the implementation of strategic initiatives and updating tactical plans, our priority is a forward-thinking board entrusted to mission fulfillment.


Engage with AMI to provide Executive Director services. This includes interaction with directors, volunteers, members, sponsors, and key constituents; attendance and participation at meetings; compliance with applicable policies and/or best practices; direction to achieve initiatives, goals, and objectives; enhancement to the overall experience of meetings and events; and supervision of daily administrative needs.

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  • Meeting Agendas, Reports, & Minutes

  • Director Handbook, Agreements, & Policy Statements

  • Strategic Initiatives & Tactical Plans

  • Committee Charters, Meetings, & Direction

  • Nominations & Elections

  • Bylaws Revisions

  • General Administrative Support

  • Repository for historical Records [Articles of Incorporation, IRS Determination Letter, Tax & State Returns/Filings, Contracts & Agreements, Financial & Audit Reports, Minutes]

HCLA-VA board of directors
HCLA-VA board members meeting

Client Testimonial

"Leading a small association is a team sport, and our relationship with AMI has allowed us to pursue coordinated strategic initiatives and build synergies across our operations. Peter and his team leverage their industry expertise on our behalf by making transdisciplinary connections and curating resources for MNCHA. AMI is nimble, creative, and they take pride in the work products they deliver. Ours is an integrated and seamless partnership, which is invaluable for MNCHA as a small organization."

-Caitlin Houck

Executive Director, MNCHA

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