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What Is Association Management?

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Association Matters Inc., is a Maryland-based Association Management company. We ensure excellence by remaining active members of the American Society of Association Executives [ASAE]. Our team is comprised of dedicated experts with skill sets that help your organization or association achieve short and long term goals and bring your vision to life.

Association management companies (AMCs) serve as essential partners for diverse organizations, offering expertise, staffing, and resources to drive growth and success. These for-profit entities empower professional societies, trade groups, nonprofits, and philanthropic organizations by efficiently managing day-to-day operations and advancing long-term goals. They provide unparalleled flexibility, agility, and financial advantages, making the AMC model an attractive option for managing nonprofit entities.

With specialized knowledge and dedicated staffing, AMCs enable associations to adapt swiftly, capitalize on opportunities, and allocate resources strategically, fostering both short-term efficiency and long-term sustainability.


Statistics from the AMC Institute highlight the tangible benefits of engaging with AMCs. Associations under AMC management experience over three times the growth in net assets and a notable 31% increase in net revenue compared to those not utilizing AMCs. These numbers underscore the substantial impact that AMCs have on an association's financial health and growth trajectory. Operating with a commitment to expertise and accountability, AMCs continually elevate the value and relevance of the associations they manage. Their dedication ensures a cycle of improvement, driving organizations toward sustained success and increased resonance among their members.

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